Oh, c'mon, Z. Help us build a bigger, better colony. And for crying out loud, try to be happy about it!
~ Azteca.

Azteca is the tetragonist in Antz. She was a kind female worker ant who was a good friend of Z. She was also the love interest of Weaver.

She was voiced by Jennifer Lopez who later voiced Shira.


Her story Edit

After Weaver took his place as a worker she was quickly impressed by Weaver's muscles and the two quickly fell in love.

However, their love was taboo as no worker could associate with a soldier. After General Mandible threatened to kill Azteca, Weaver revealed the location of Z.

Azteca helped hold up the tower of ants along with Z, Weaver and several others.

After Z realized that there were not enough ants, he and Azteca climbed to the top while Weaver nearly held up the whole tower on his own.

Azteca helped Z reach the ceiling and Z dug his way out. After that, Azteca was arm-in-arm with Weaver as they cheered Z.

In a mini movie she and Bala have a girls night out. During that she drowns and Princess Bala has to revive her with CPR. After a few minutes of mouth to mouth and chest compressions Bala thinks Azteca is dead, but it turns out she was just messing with her.

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