The Boy(s) are the humans and minor antagonists who appear in Dreamworks 1998 film Antz.

Appearances Edit

In Antz, the first human is a child who appears in the opening credits and in the magnifying glass scene. His appearance is his hand and his magnifying glass.

The second human is a teenage boy who's having a picnic with his unseen family. During his lunch, he kills Muffy with a fly swatter and stomps on Z and Bala. He remembers that he has gum stuck under his shoe and walks to the nearest bin,despite that there are two ants having a " ride" on his shoes. Although we can't see his full body, only his jeans, his Reeboks and his hand throwing a Penny are shown in the movie. However, we can see a 'full size model' of the guy walking in a far distance before the ending credits.

Magnifying glass

Giant Magnifying glass

Trivia Edit

Screenshot 2020-05-08 AEC0E20F-1FE2-4395-9642-69C0E720BA14 webp (WEBP Image, 640 × 480 pixels)

The sketch of the human boy for the ”Big Shoe” scene. Image found on the Behind the Scenes features on the Antz DVD.

  • In the original script, the giant human wearing the shoes was a young woman, but half of the script, and some sketches were changed for the final draft of the film. In the final storyboard, and in the film's picnic scene, the human wearing the shoes is an unseen teenage boy.
  • When the boy with the magnifying glass vaporizes a dumb soldier ant who thinks the light is beautiful, is similar to Independence Day (1996) a take-off on a similar dialogue. The sound effects are directly from the original War of the Worlds (1953).

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