The Queen Ant is the mother of Princess Bala and the ruler of the ant colony from the 1998 Dreamworks film Antz. Throughout the film, she is unaware that her daughter's fiancé General Mandible was planning to kill her and the worker ants so he could create another colony with strong elements. However, Z and Bala were able to get the Queen and the workers to safety.

She is voiced by the late Anne Bancroft.

The Queen Ant

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  • The Queen Ant is similar to The Queen of Ant Island as both are ants and both are the leaders of the colony. Both are also the mother of the deuteragonist (Bala and Princess Atta) and also became the mother-in-law of the protagonist (Z and Flik.) However, The Queen Ant remains the leader, the Queen of Ant Island, retired and made Atta the new queen.
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